The “Puglia Supper Club” 

The “Puglia Supper Club” is a membership-based social dining experiment that unites undiscovered chefs with adventurous diners who are looking for something different from the traditional restaurant experience. Whether it happens on the roof of an old masseria, the floor of an oil mill, or inside an old castle, we believe that good people, good food and good drink are the only elements paramount to a memorable meal… Our events bring together a group of interesting strangers around a common table to share cuisine crafted by up-and-coming chefs from all over the country. We don’t dictate what our chefs cook, but instead give them a platform to tell a story through the menu – recipes that speak to their background or heritage, ingredients they are passionate about, or completely new dishes they’ve been experimenting…We like to flip the traditional top down restaurant experience by putting chefs at the center stage and gives our members access to the “Chef’s Table” each time they attend an event. Our member community comes from various ages and backgrounds, but each one shares a desire to expand their culinary horizons in a new and interesting way with an eclectic group of other food lovers from their local area and across Europe.