The Ostuni Wine, Food and Art Festival

On April 30th through May 1st we are having our next Wine, Food and Art Festival, this event is going to be a real treat!

Joining us on for the event are  several international artists and photographers as well as wine journalists and conosseurs, writers, jazz musicians as well as Young creative Apulian Chefs. The festival is designed to promote the produce, traditions and culture of this beautiful medieval white town. The various tastings will allow the general public as well as retailers and members of the media an intimate setting where they can meet winemakers and winery representatives, taste samples of their art and discuss specifics of their wines. The main festival site will have entertainment for all from wine tasting to food stalls serving delicious dishes, live music and street entertainers.

Wine tastings from different vinters will be on offer, as well as presentations throughout the two-day festival in the wine tasting marquee. Furthermore the festival will host again our well known international competition...

The "Puglia Chef 2014", The “Wine Women Award”  the “Pink Choice 20014” award, the “Winemaker 2014” award and the Wine Movie & Advertising Award 

The first award is designed to promote the creativity of young Apulian master chefs, two initiatives are aimed at  recognizing and rewarding  the importance of women in the world of wine; an international jury of women professionals selects every year the Italian wine that best represents the feminine universe. The Winemaker 2014 award is designed to reward the most innovative wine producer. The Wine Movie & Advertising Award is aimed at stimulating quality and creativity in the presentation of wine on the international scenario.

On Friday May 2nd it's your chance to enjoy a wine tasting evening with dinner in conjunction with Nando & Enzo of Masseria Boezio. There will be a wine tasting between 7 and 8 pm accompanying a 3 course dinner with our resident sommelier. This is an opportunity to enjoy an evening of fine wines and excellent food. The cost for the evening is  25 Euros per person. We are also planning wine tours as well as visit to wineries and to the old town.

To make a reservation please call us on 340.7678256, send us an email, or pop into our office in Ostuni.